Characteristics and Technology




  • This modular washing machine has been developed especially for the integration into CHROMOJET or COLARIS digital printing lines.
  • For pile products, a round-shape slot with a slot width of about 4 mm is used. One meter of slot length requires about 10 kW vacuum power.
  • For flat textile products, a relatively sharp-edged slot with about 2 mm is used. One meter of slot length requires about 5 kW vacuum power.

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Modular system
  • Stable construction
  • Side and top insulation to maintain water temperature if heated
  • Outside roller bearings for easy service
  • Access openings for service and fabric feed-in
  • Suction bars and squeeze rollers can be combined
  • Minimum distance between vacuum bars and pull rollers to avoid carpet and fabric tension
  • Integrated dancing roller for synchronization
  • Integrated pile raising or back beating with variable speed
  • Hot water must be provided by the operator


Technical Data


Pump Selection Water Ring Pump Roots Blower Blower
Pressure level Up to -0.5 bar Up to -0.4 bar Up to -0.3 bar
Characteristics Relatively low air volume at good negative pressure Good suction power at mid-level air volume High air volume at medium negative pressure
Advantage / disadvantage Needs water for sealing; water can be used for washing Extremely loud; needs sound insulation Works very well on carpets and textiles where air can pass through
Application For carpets with coatings Multi-purpose solution Preferred type for high-pile products


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