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Gueth & Wolf in Germany was our pilot partner for the COLARIS-NF.MULTI Prototype. During the pilot period Gueth & Wolf provided us with a lot of feedback to improve the industrial digital printing system for narrow fabrics. Our partner was very excited about this new product and the possibilities of this new technology for narrow fabrics.


At the end of January 2013, the first digital industrial printing machine COLARIS-NF was installed in northern France.

Schoutteten & Froidure from Comines (Northern France) has been a major tight weaving player in Europe since 1788!

On their of 15.000 sqm plant, Schoutteten & Froidure produces elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics in all types of materials (PA, PES, PP, cotton, acrylic, aramid, para-aramid, Dyneema, etc.).

At the end of January 2013, the first digital industrial printing machine COLARIS-NF was installed at Schoutteten & Froidure. Within a single day the printer was installed and started up. The machine will be used for elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics, as well as for belts.


For more information, please contact our COLARIS-NF Product Manager:
Etienne Steveninck

Kufstein: ZIMMER AUSTRIA, in collaboration with UK textile printer Turnbull Prints, has developed a digital production printer for heavyweight furnishing and decorative fabric applications, the first machine aimed specifically at the furnishing-fabrics market.


Kufstein / Frankenberg: „With the purchase of COLARIS from ZIMMER AUSTRIA | Kufstein we continue our progressive and triumphant expansion in digital printing”, claims the Managing Director Mr. Hervé Francois of Color-Textil Veredelung, Frankenberg

Rainbow, Haima China

On Aug 4, 2009, the first 25dpi CHROMOJET400  printer was inked successfully in China Weihai between ZIMMER AUSTRIA and China Haima.