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ZIMMER AUSTRIA is the specialist in carpet printing

We developed the first flat screen printing machine, followed by the rotary screen printer. The digital age started in the 70's with our development of the Chromotronic printer. In the 80's, the CHROMOJET system was born - and is still the "Number One" printing method for carpets. 

We do not only supply complete printing lines - we also offer process technology and know-how.


  • Carpet printing is becoming more and more popular.
  • Most of the printed carpets are made out of tufted carpet constructions, using polyamide and wool as face fibre. The newest trend is using Polyester as face fiber because of its price advantage.
  • ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers 3 major printing methods, all based on digital technologies. All printing systems are available as complete printing lines or as stand-alone solutions.

Printing Methods




| 25 dpi spot color printing

This solution uses pre-mixed dyes and jets for printing

  • Resolution of 25 dpi
  • Full penetration on all colors
  • High production speed of up to 12 m/min
  • Up to 16 colors in 2, 4 or 5 m width
  • Suitable for polyamide, wool and acrylic carpets and mats




| 76 dpi process color printing

8, 12 or 16 base colors are used to mix the final color and shade directly on the carpet

  • Resolution of 50 dpi or 76 dpi
  • Finest details and almost unlimited number of shades
  • Full penetration in combination with SUPRAFIX penetration unit
  • Suitable fFor polyamide, wool, acrylic and polyester carpets and mats


Colaris4 - DX 004_s.jpg


| Inkjet printing

4 base colors in combination with unique industrial printheads are used to print an endless number of shades

  • Resolution of 400x400 dpi up to 400x3200 dpi
  • Extremely fine details at high production speed
  • For pile weights up to 1,000 g/m2
  • For polyamide or polyester carpets and needlefelt constructions


Selector of available and recommended printing technologies for different floorcovering products
APPLICATIONS Spot Color 25 dpi Process Color 76 dpi Process Color
Carpet Tiles   details details
Promotional Carpets and Mats   details details
Flock Carpet     details
Laundry / Dust Control Mats details details details
Needlefelt     details
Rugs, Mats and Runners details details  
Wall-to-Wall Carpets details details  


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