INDIA - Case Study AbhiAsmi International

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When the client AbiAsmi required a High Speed Digital Printing Systems for existing textile furnishing and upholstery business to deliver up-to-date rich design content for the fashion trendy in New York, ZIMMER AUSTRIA | DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEMS in Kufstein answered the call.

By providing a high speed and flexible digital printing machine COLARIS in 2.6 m, we helped them build a future-ready infrastructure to meet the fast turning needs of the market for design and faster delivery.

Today AbhiAsmi International manages to churn out print orders in a 24/7 environment with speed, accuracy and reproducibility of designs selected by their patrons worldwide. AbhiAsmi managed to surge ahead of the competition by having an edge by serving not only the latest designs but also with an enhanced strong consumer experience.

Despite a long and strong presence, most textile companies are operating in a challenging environment. They must transform their operations to address greater customer expectations and competition from newer independent players who are more techno savvy and customer oriented.

Innovative designs, speed, accuracy, ability to churn out new trends and fashion needs are becoming more and more important.

With a pressure to hold margins and maintain market presence, key to this operational transformation is improved customer service, which holds potential to retain customers and market share by making the products and service more customer-centric.

Another desirable is achieving this by becoming more and more self reliant rather on outsourced jobs which are often not meeting the final customer‘s quality and service expectation.

High speed, high quality, high efficiency, Fast to market, design friendly, ease of operation and lowest operating costs in terms of ink, manpower and utility consumptions are key parameters for successful digital printing business.

Against this backdrop of imperatives is where ZIMMER AUSTRIA | DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEMS in Kufstein along with local partners ATE began its engagement with a first of its kind high speed digital printing solution in India.


Client Situation

Initially, the client relied on outsourcing the total printing operations to third party companies making them heavily reliant on the output and delivery periods of these companies.

Being active amongst the hubs of fashion and exporting to various developed countries, as their business grew - domestically and internationally - the client sought a partner, to whom they rely to offer them a in house solution without being dependent on the infrastructure of conventional print houses or low production capabilities of the small digital printing service solution providers.

Holding the promise of seamless transition followed by streamlined operations, ZIMMER AUSTRIA in Kufstein and ATE would enable the client to concentrate their efforts on sculpting new revenue streams and profitable business models catering to the ever changing demands of the modern fashion and trendy markets


The ZIMMER AUSTRIA Solution    

ATE was engaged to understand the customer's present workflow for the printed upholstery and furnishing product range. This was combined with the need to upgrade the present day competency of the staff to meet the highly demanding process methodology for digital printing including pre-treatment, calibration of the inks and substrates and advice on the plant layout and technology selection for the pre and post treatments for completing the digital workflow.
To effectively deliver, we put in place a strategy consisting of two key elements: We leveraged best practices from our various examples by digital printing companies worldwide and selection of technology for the entire process flow to provide a high-quality, cost-competitive product for the client. The COLARIS solution for a working width of 2.6 meters met the requirements to cater to the broad product range catered by the client both for the furnishing, upholstery and apparel businesses.
Trials with the customers fabrics at the ZIMMER AUSTRIA Technology Centre based in Kufstein (Austria) in the presence of the client helped establish the client's confidence that ZIMMER AUSTRIA was their right partner who could meet their expectations of product quality with cost effective and reliable working solutions for high speed digital printing. Further interactions led to clear scope which was executed and implemented in time for the client to get the first meters to reach the shelves in time to meet the new spring collection demand.
Exhaustive training by both ATE and ZIMMER AUSTRIA technicians and technologists set the game going from the day one.


Services provided
ZIMMER AUSTRIA and ATE has not only created standard operating procedures for all processes, we also work closely with the client's departments to ensure that all technical advice related to new demands for products are handled as quickly as possible.


Key success factors in this engagement include:
Effective case management- We developed and used a clear established methodology to monitor and keep track of
Customer's quality and product expectations.
Optimisation of Pre-treatment processes, calibrations of workflow and working closely with ink suppliers, head suppliers and ZIMMER technology centre helped establish clear guidelines for the operations team to start printing for customers from day one.

Back up support from ZIMMER technology centre and experience staff along with RIP software training on site by software experts also ensured speedy and problem free transition of the clients print production in house.


Business Outcomes
Within a short period of time AbhiAsmi has coming out as a successful exporter for digital printed products offering world class designs at cost effective prices and meeting fast delivery expectations of leading customers.