Newsletter 05-1/2021

Newsletter 05-1/2021

Highly reputed towel manufacturer Shrinath Cotfab from Maharastra, India has invested into a COLARIS Digital Towel Printing System in 2019.

The COLARIS.64-2600 is equipped with 32 Starfire™ M-type printheads and is complemented by a Bianco pinwheel weft alignment system. Additionally, the print line is fitted with CHR-DPT inline inkjet pre-treatment system and prints wet on wet with reactive inks. The dryer is a direct supply from Indian manufacturer Yamuna Machine Works Ltd.

Since start-up of the COLARIS print line, the company has constantly increased production capacity of digitally printed towels and continuously develops their market share, including global export.



Shrinath Cotfab /

Mr. Amit Chandak CEO -


Newsletter 2021-05_1 Srinath

right - Mr. Amit Chandak (CEO) / left - Mr.Himanshu Sharma (Technical Head)

Mr. Amit Chandak, CEO of Shrinath Cotfab likes to share his experience.
  • Mr. Amit, after more than one year of production with a COLARIS Digital Towel Printing System, how do you comment your experience?
    COLARIS is a brilliant machine. It has a lot of moving parts which might be daunting. Nevertheless, ZIMMER technical team has trained our operators and service staff who become real professionals to run operations smooth and efficiently. With the professional support by ZIMMER AUSTRIA, it has become a smooth sailing ride.
  • How do you see the future in towel printing? Will digital printing replace traditional screen printing, or will it remain a complimentary option?
    We believe digital will be a nice compliment in the towel printing industry. It is a superior product that is still of limited acceptance in some markets.
  • What can you tell us about the quality of the machine and the printheads?
    All has come as advertised and promised by the vendor. No complains at all.
  • Any comments on the after sales support of ZIMMER AUSTRIA?
    All required support has been on the point. They have been by our side through thick and thin.
  • Would you like to add any additional comments?
    Reach out to us at to discuss if you are interested in some of the beautiful and high-quality towels.

COLARIS Digital Inkjet Printing Systems from ZIMMER AUSTRIA

The workhorse for any kind of heavy weight fabric and voluminous substrate incl. upholstery fabrics, velour, terry fabric and carpet products.
With a vast experience in digital printing incl. various multinational towel producers, we are the right partner to convert any design idea into high quality, value added terry towels.



What makes a COLARIS printer an outstanding solution for terry fabric printing? 

  • Experience and knowhow gained from heaviest textile substrates, incl. woven carpet with a weight of up to 3,200 gsm
  • Solid and sturdy construction of the printer and all its print line components
  • Flexible layout that offers various options for a fully integrated towel print production
  • Penetration booster system to work with ready for inkjet printing fabric
  • Optional features such as:
    • Analog or digital inline pre-treatment system
    • Inline weft alignment system
    • Automatic cross border detection with design positioning to stay registered even with varying towel length
    • Variety of different dryer solutions
    • Inline fixation with SHS SupraFIX curing system
    • Loop steamers for offline dye fixation
    • SupraWASH for start-ups and small towel production units

COLARIS Towel Printing Line


Selection of our COLARIS Digital Towel Printing System Installations

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