Colaris to nurture global ambitions of Shri Prakash Mills

Success Story by Ganesh Kalidas (The Textile Magazine | Issue 01/2016)


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Modernization is a continuous process, and there should be coordinated efforts to modernize both machinery and manufacturing processes on a regular basis. Globally, an accepted fact is that mills that maintained the process of modernization systematically could manage to sustain their growth in the long run.

Modernization is needed to increase production, reduce the cost of operation, rationalize labour, reduce maintenance related issues and bring down power cost, etc. All these parameters were fully realized by the Ahmadabad-based fabric manufacturer, Shri Prakash Mills which decided to expand and modernize by installing the latest multipurpose digital printing machine line from ZIMMER AUSTRIA.

Since inception in 1969, Shri Prakash Mills has positioned itself as a consistent player when it comes to quality standards. The fabric manufacturer is located at the heart of Gujarat. The textile city of Naroda, and, over the years, has had a fruitful organic growth. Currently the company operates through three facilities across the State.

A specialist in fabric printing, dyeing, processing and finishing of all kinds of woven or denim fabrics, the age-old facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to process both lighter and heavier fabrics. The company’s machinery line-up uses the most exclusive equipments sourced from the best of vendors. The management is very particular about using the right technology at critical stages which in turn aids the company in controlling the quality right from the raw material stage to finished products.

Today, Shri Prakash Mills is a prominent player within the textile fraternity of Ahmedabad, exporting world-class textiles for more than 20 years. The company has a production capacity of close to 100,000 m/day of printed fabrics.

Prakash Textile Mills is integrated under one roof, with adequate infrastructure to meet world market standards. Day-to-day operations within the company are handled by a young and vibrant team responsible for the incremental growth within the organization. Installing the all new state-of-the-art ZIMMER AUSTRIA digital printing machine was the idea of Mr. Swapnil Patel, a next-gen entrepreneur, that has paid rich dividends to the company. In recent years, the company has also commissioned new finishing and processing machines along with laser engravers for denims. The management has pumped in close to 30 crores in the last few years for purchase of new technology and to standardize production systems.

Mr. Swapnil Patel, Director of Prakash Mills, states: “Even though the ZIMMER AUSTRIA line is slightly expensive, it comes with a whole lot of advantages like huge saving of power, less manpower, only one person required to operate the entire machine when compared to my conventional machine which required the presence of 3-4 people resulting in world class quality and exceptional production volumes. These are the main USP’s of the machine that attracted us the most.”

Colaris is a family of high performance and high quality printing machines for all kind of textile. Ranging from 1800 up to 4200 printing width it can cover most of textile applications. Colaris-Inkjet printing technology has left its mark on the digital printing  market, quickly moving from the development phase to commercial and industrial applications as a result of the highest quality standards and superior economy.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA's Indian agent A.T.E. has played an important role in connecting the Austrian manufacturer to a number of Indian customers and is striving even harder to provide hassle-free aftersales service to its esteemed customers. “Our association with A.T.E. has grown many folds over last two decades. A.T.E. represents good machines, with realistic pricing and excellent service after the deal is done. Hence we decided to go with A.T.E.’s principals for future modernization of our finishing department,” added Mr. Patel.

On the other hand, A.T.E. is highly proud of the new state-of-the-art technology installations at Prakash textile. The ZIMMER AUSTRIA's Colaris (Printing with 1800, 2600, 3200 or 4200) machine is one of the few currently available in India and is set to revolutionize the digital printing market. ZIMMER AUSTRIA in Kufstein, along with A.T.E. India, offers a complete package available at one place: The complete Colaris-Inkjet digital printing system – entry unit, printing machine, high-end dryer, reliable operation software, as well as complete application know-how. A dream come true package for every Indian entrepreneur considering a foray into the digital printing business.

“We enjoy a great relationship with Shri Prakash on account of mutual trust. We are well known in the market for bringing the latest technology available in the global market and the customers have gained confidence that we suggest the right machinery which are suitable for their products. We do support the customers for achieving the desired performance in terms of suggesting the lay-out, right technicians and extending proper after sales services. While the printing business is booming in India, Shri Prakash has decided to go ahead with the best available technology for their digital printing operation and we are confident that the performance of Shri Prakash will help us to improve our digital printing business in India."

Mr. S. Rajendran, A.T.E.