Pilot Project COLARIS-NF Completed Successfully

Gueth & Wolf in Germany was our pilot partner for the COLARIS-NF.MULTI Prototype. During the pilot period Gueth & Wolf provided us with a lot of feedback to improve the industrial digital printing system for narrow fabrics. Our partner was very excited about this new product and the possibilities of this new technology for narrow fabrics.


That's why Gueth & Wolf decided to buy a COLARIS-NF.MULTI printing line, which will start production in March.
We would like to thank our customer very much for their cooperation during the development of the COLARIS-NF.MULTI digital printing system.

For more information, please contact our Colaris-NF Product Manager:
Etienne Steveninck

Mr. Etienne Steveninck is the responsible person for Colaris-NF within Zimmer Austria.

As a narrow fabrics expert he was working with the leading companies in the narrow fabrics weaving and processing machinery over the last decades. He has joined ZIMMER in June 2011 and was involved into the development and strategic planning for COLARIS-NF, the new product range with ZIMMER.


Phone: +49 (0)160 966 497 51
Mail: e.steveninck@zimmer-austria.com


You want to see the COLARIS-NF live?
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