Newsletter 05/2023

Newsletter 05/2023
The base for 150 years of service to the textile & carpet industries




INNOVATION comes first!

Many leading technologies have been introduced by ZIMMER AUSTRIA and were adopted by competitors, which is best proof for the grade of innovation offered.

Starting with roller printing machines via semi-automatic flat screen printers or flat screen duplex-printers for double-sided blanket printing, the first decades have paved the road of success.

The real revolution in textile printing has come with the invention of rotary screen printing by ZIMMER AUSTRIA in 1955.

Carpet printing started in 1962 with the first flat-bed printer. The high demand for printed carpets has demanded higher production capacities. Therefore, the large-format rotary screen printing has been introduced in 1968. With repeat sizes of up to 3 meters, ZIMMER AUSTRIA rotary screen printers have become the heartbeat of all leading carpet printing companies.

With the first digital printing system in the market, ZIMMER set another benchmark for carpet printing in 1976. The CHROMOJET high speed valve-jet technology allowed to print with deep dye penetration even on high-pile carpet substrates through pressurized dye injection. Starting with 16 and later with 24 dpi resolution, CHROMOJET became the best solution for spot-color printing. Another evolution in digital printing was the CHROMOJET-800, a 76-dpi valve-based jetting technology for pre-mixed process colors, allowing a combination of spot and process color printing.

In the last years the CHROMOJET carpet printing system has received complimentary support through piezo-based inkjet technology: COLARIS is a high-resolution printing system for sharp and brilliant prints incl. photorealistic images. Piezo printheads can cover a wide range of applications, from low through medium and heavy weight textiles and of carpets of any kind of construction.

COLARIS digital inkjet printers are based on 4 to 16 process colors and can print home decoration, furnishing fabrics, velour and terry substrates, technical textiles including military camouflage printing with IRR control. Automotive, outdoor and advertising fabrics are the main products which are printed with COLARIS Digital Inkjet Printing Systems.

The leading market position of ZIMMER AUSTRIA in printed carpets has not only continued by the introduction of the COLARIS printing system, but has even extended through the possibility of high-definition printing. Nonwovens such as needle felt, tufted constructions and woven carpets are all printed by a roll-to-roll print process. Nevertheless, we further offer solutions for piece goods printing such as mats & tiles or irregular shaped substrates such as animal skins.

The camera-based COLARIS vision detection system allows to scan a mat or tile as well as any kind of regular or irregular shaped substrate as an individual piece, or from a print image on a continuous fabric run. The COLARIS print software allows to scale and fit a design into the mask provided by the camera system. With RIP on-the-fly the pre-print process is now reduced to a minimum.


The QUALITY of machinery produced by ZIMMER AUSTRIA is well appreciated in the industries. With printing lines being designed for decades of use, customers have the guarantee for a long service life. Even after millions of meters printed, customers decided to shift machines into new premises, which is the best proof for quality and the trust customers have into ZIMMER AUSTRIA.


SERVICE is not just part of a phrase; this is what comes with each and every machine produced and supplied by ZIMMER AUSTRIA. From tele-maintenance through technologic support, we offer a full range of service through our team, including site support by international as well as domestic service engineers.


Most recent highlights from ZIMMER AUSTRIA Digital Printing Systems in Kufstein and from Screen & Coating Systems in Klagenfurt will be demonstrated during the upcoming ITMA 2023 exhibition in Milan, Italy.

Come and see us in Hall 7, booth E105, for more details.


ZIMMER AUSTRIA – 150 years of Service to the Textile and Carpet Industries.

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