COLARIS.INFINITI installed in Romania




Romanian company CompuGraFix, with 15 years of experience in the digital graphic industry, decided at the beginning of 2016 to extend its services to digital textiles printing.

In order to differentiate from other competitors which are active mainly in the sublimation market, Mr. Consel Ion, owner and manager of CompuGraFix, decided to cover the natural fibers segment despite the higher investment required.

The new ZIMMER AUSTRIA printer COLARIS.INIFNITI 1800, successfully launched at ITMA 2015, proved to be the best choice for Compugrafix, as it is offering quality and speed at an attractive budget. The possibility to start with a 16 heads configuration, with upgrade option to 32 for the full production speed of 300 sqm/hour, is another key advantage offered by COLARIS.INIFNITI. The new activity of CompuGraFix is promoted under the Digitex Prints name and is aimed to provide textile printing services for the very dynamic Romanian fashion market.


CompuGraFix is one of the most important players in the Romanian market of large format printing, with a 12 years of experience in different inkjet technologies. In the last three years they showed to be open for the new industrial fields which could be served by inkjet printers, choosing textile market as a direction for future development.

Mons Medius

Mons Medius is a pioneer of inkjet technology in Romania, distributing large format inkjet printers since 1997 and with more than 800 printers installed up to now. Starting with 2007 Mons Medius paid a special attention to the digital textile printing and having an important number of installation in the flag&banner, sublimation and DTG market. The partnership with ZIMMER AUSTRIA is aiming to help Mons Medius cover a larger spread of applications on an industrial scale. With an experienced technical and commercial team, Mons Medius is able to offer integration of various solutions, technical support, color management and consumable supply to all the customers in the area served.