Coating Industry in Transition


The 8th edition of the European Coating Congress 2015 will take place in Ghent - Belgium from 3 to 4 September 2015. This conference intends to bring forward the best research, latest developments on coating/laminating technologies, coating materials and their related applications.


High-level technical lectures will be focused on innovative developments or scientific studies dealing with coatings and laminating products and processes.

We are proud to announce 2 key note speakers:
Ir. L. de Vries, President and CEO TenCate (NL) and J. Wille, R&D director Sioen (BE).


08:15 Registration
08:45 Opening of Congress Chairman M. Vervaeke - Fedustria  (BE)
09:00 - 12:30 SESSION I
  1. Finishing the future, Ir. L. de Vries – TenCate (NL)
  2. Future perspectives and challenges for a coating industry in transition, J. Wille – Sioen (BE)
  3. Human factors in protective clothing, H.A.M. (Hein) Daanen - VU University Amsterdam (NL)
  4. Future-oriented coating technologies: turning major wet coating processes into dry and energy-efficient processes, M. Van Parys – UNITEX (BE)
  Coffee break
  1. Low Pressure Plasma DWR of Finished Textile Products: Highest Performance for Lowest Environmental Footprint, E. Rogge, F. Legein - Europlasma NV (BE)
  2. Development of Functional Treatments for Textile Applications Utilizing MLSE Synthesis Technology, P. Mistry - MTIX Ltd., B. Macbeth, MD Textile Centre of Excellence (UK)
  3. Digital Coating of Textile using ChromoJET Technology, T. Naschberger – ZIMMER AUSTRIA (AT)
  4. Development of textile coatings based on solventfree PUR, G. Raeymackers, J. Mispelon - VETEX (BE)
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 17:30 SESSION II Chairman M. Vervaeke- Fedustria (BE)
  1. From a chemical approach to tailor-made applications, M. Krohnen – BYK Chemie (DE)
  2. Sustainable UV-protection of coating layers using nanoscale organic and inorganic components, M. Entenmann – Fraunhofer IPA (DE)
  3. Protective textiles with IR-coating, which covers the entire spectrum of IR radiation, to provide better cold protection, E. Classen - Hohenstein (DE)
  4. Innovative tailored technical coatings, M. Zweers - Schmits Chemical Solutions (NL)
  Coffee break
  1. Smoke on the water and fire in the sky: on overview of flame retardants for technical textiles, L. Kampas, J. Terras - CTF2000 (BE)
  2. TexShield: environmental friendly and durable oil and water repellence finish on technical textile
  3. State-of-the art of water and oil repellent products, I. Garez - University College Ghent, TO2C (BE)
  4. Advanced silicones for textile hydrophobization, F. Ganachaud – INSA (FR)
  5. Foam and Paste Coating in 2015, H. Ros – ZIMMER AUSTRIA (AT)
  6. Fluid Coating Technology: dual layer application a benefit to your production?, J. Weidauer - Nordson (DE)
  7. Environmental conscious methods coating and laminating, J. Schuurman - Klieverik (NL)


09:00 - 12:15 SESSION III - Chairman: J. Laperre - Centexbel (BE)
  1. Innovations in the coating industry, A. Claeys – Nanex (BE)
  2. SET – save energy in SME textile companies, Belgium (BE)
  3. Optimization of coating lines with new developments and new accessories to reach highest quality and to reduce the production costs, M. Frigo – Matex srl (IT)
  4. Vigilant coated fabrics, B. Demedts, P. Heyse, D. De Smet, F. Goethals - Centexbel (BE)
  5. MISTRAL technological platform: dry way functionalization and new nanofibres coatings, I. Ferreira – Ifth (FR)
  Coffee break
  1. UV-coating of textile substrates, R. Schneider (ITCF-Denkendorf – DE)
  2. UV LEDs: interesting products for industrial applications, A. Rachini (IST France Sarl (DE)
  3. The application of UV-curable coating: chemical composition versus physical properties, E. Mannekens - ChemStream (BE)
  4. Stretchable electronics in combination with coatings: a platform to obtain comfortable, bendable, totally insulated and washable e-textile products, B. Van Keymeulen, F. Bossuyt, J. De Baets, J. Vanfleteren (BE)
  5. Development & optimization of conductive coatings for stretchable applications, W. Deferme – University Hasselt (BE)
12:30 Closure


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