2017 Fashion Print VIP Seminar

Fashion Print Seminar 2017

The 2017 Fashion Print VIP Seminar", organized by the "Fashion Print" Magazine, has been held at the Teaching Building of the SCF Donghua University in Shanghai, China on March 14th, 2017.

2017 Fashion Print VIP Seminar

On invitation of the hosts Mr. Paul Yuen and Ms. Shiny Gu, leading companies from the industry, incl. printhead and digital printing machine manufacturers, experts from the chemical and paper industry as well as scientists and R&D people from the textile industry have joined this high-level, first of it's kind, round-table meeting.

Among basic topics such as Design and Trends, Research & Application of Color Management, Digital Printing versus Traditional Screen Printing, more specific topics such as Printheads for Textiles, Quality Inks and the Technology of Transfer Paper Printing have been given importance. Further, presentations like the Situation and Future Potential of Single Pass Printing have given the event a broad platform for discussion. The Green Textile Factory, highlighting the importance of energy conservation and sustainable manufacturing, has been discussed and possible solutions to this target have been looked at.

Differentiation in manufacturing and addressing all market segments of the textile printing industry can improve profitability. Targeting niche markets with their specific requirements need individual solutions and require customized concepts.

The auditorium has been filled to the last seat, as a crowd of approx. 500 people have followed the invitation. Keen interest in the broad information presented by the speakers has been experienced. The discussion time after each block of speeches has been well-attended and has clearly proven the quality of the presentations incl. technical, technological but also commercial aspects of today's textile printing manufacturing.

2017 Fashion Print VIP Seminar

On behalf of ZIMMER AUSTRIA, Josef Osl - Sales Manager for Digital Textile Printing and responsible for the COLARIS product range, has spoken about "Printing on Special Material incl. Digital Towel and Blanket Printing". Josef has drawn special attention to the requirements of printing on substrates like terry fabric, PES blanket and fibre based floor coverings made from all kinds of fiber and different construction. Additionally, he has given a short introduction to the potential of printing on special material or depositing of specific dyes and chemicals incl. digital finishing and areal coating as a great potential for the years to come. It is expected that digital coating and digital functionalisation may revolutionize the textile processing, just like other developments made by ZIMMER AUSTRIA have managed to do so in the past. Such developments include the first Rotary Screen Printer, the first Carpet Printer, the first Digital Printer. All of these mentioned milestones have been introduced to the textile world by ZIMMER from AUSTRIA first.